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The Project Gutenberg EBook of Bohemian Paris of Today, by W. C. Morrow and Illustrator Edouard Cucuel. Project Gutenberg License.

A philosopher reading. Oil painting from the Wellcome Collection, Wikimedia Commons

Wheeling to independence, personal photo of Faustina and friends, with Peters Projection World Map sourced from Wikimedia Commons

Light for the World: Tom and Marta, personal photo

Rachel Carson (author of Silent Spring) Statement before Congress 1963, United Press International photo, 1963.

The House of Commons 1793-94, by Karl Anton Hickel (died 1798), given to the National Portrait Gallery, London in 1885. Wikimedia Commons

Stonehenge, British Library on Flickr

Dodo, British Library on Flickr

William Shakespeare’s first folio, behind glass at the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington DC. Photo by Jessie Chapman. Wikimedia Commons.

Disabled Lives
Compilation of biographical images

No Small Inheritance
Personal photo, Minnie and Cox

NZZ Folio
Wallenstadt Lake Weesen near Leistkamm and view on the mountain range of Aliver St. Gall Switzerland, Wikimedia Commons

Philosopher in Meditation engraved after Rembrandt by Devilliers l’aîné for Joseph Lavallée, Galerie du Musée de France. Wikimedia Commons.

Daily Quotes Archive
A line of books on a wooden shelf, by Jess Mann, Wikimedia Commons